Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye to Orkut

We know that Orkut is owned and operated by Google, but the time came close to say goodbye by this September 30, 2014. Orkut was one of the most visited social website of Indian and Brazil people in 2008
Google is going to terminate the account permanently and create the new one. So Google advised every user of Orkut to take care of their albums, content, personal messages and so on.
Goodbye to Orkut

Also once Google announced that Orkut will be fully managed and used in Brazil in the city Belo horizonte.
Once the account is shut downed the Orkut users will not be able to get access to their Orkut account, make sure you save your all personal data. And Orkut profile, scraps, testimonials, & community posts can be exported until September 2016.
Reasons why Google shutting Down Orkut
The Google engineer Paul Golgher has said that over a past decade the social websites YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ has taken their place strong in social platform also reaching every corner to the world with Google and ignoring Orkut.  So the Team decided to take off the Orkut completely from the website. 

 Also there are many other social sites which are highly competitive for example like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. While with this competitive social platforms Orkut cannot get competitive with them. It’s been almost many years people started ignoring the Orkut also the name of it. 

If also Google modify the Orkut with all bright feature and trending content it not going to make success. Because the word Orkut brought ignorance in people minds also they are bored with the name of it.
New Social Concept of Google
Well Google is going to come with some attractive name with all users’ friendly features and content in it, the Google want to fill all user expectation and make a great social platform which will be competitive platform with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Maybe you have a question that there is already a social platform Google+ and why other one? The thing is Google want to replace the Orkut with another friends sharing platform and make the name again on top.
And this generation is all about new stuff, people are attracted to new thing happen around, and Google is a search engine platform to prove al new, just think that If Google starts a new social user friendly website! Then how the people goes crazy.

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