Friday, 25 July 2014

Top 5 Self First Aid tips and Tricks

People going unconscious and may also cause death when you are alone, there are few regular thing happens around you, and here are some simple things to do when you are alone when you are suddenly caught in to some danger or it may happen accidentally.
You can self protect yourself save your life with this things

cuts self first aid tips and tricks
 Sometimes cuts commonly happen on your body on some work doing,
Just think that you’re body cuts on hands or some part of your body, but the point is not even a single small cut should be ignored, if it’s a major cut make your full efforts to stop the bleeding.  If you bleed large amount of blood it an Artery vein cut which is directly pumped from your heart, this will make you fell in shock and go to unconscious. Take it all cool and call for emergency.

If Caught in Fire
Caught in Fire self first aid tips and tricks
 If your home caught fire when you are sleeping or some sudden accident happen, first thing is to be find a way-out of your home. in case you’re dress caught fire make your full efforts to remove it from you, and the thing is people when they are burning their cloths on them they don’t know what to do and starts running, a simply trick is fall down to the ground and start rolling, the fire goes off and you will be saved. 

Snake Bite
I would like to give you a small example on small novel here.
Snake Bite self first aid tips and tricks

Here what I am suppose to say is that, if a snake bit you never feel afraid of it or run in hurry for help, if you take it seriously your blood pressure (BP) increases and the venom of the snake flows all over the body and you will be killed fast. 

What to do when snake bites you?
If the snake bites above your foot or on foot, doesn’t hurry remove your shoe laze or find some wire  or anything you find possible, tie exactly 10inch top to the snake bite,  and pinch the spot and flow the poisonous blood out. This will save your life. 

 It is simple to avoid from leech, leech is having ability if sucking your blood without any pain on your body. When some people see the leech sucking the blood and they are trying to take out the leech away from the sucking part. Some people go crazy when they see the insect and start crying for help.
Leech bite self first aid tips and tricks
 The thing is never afraid of the leach it is not that poisonous to kill you, it only sucks your blood but it is hard to remove from the part of your body. All you must to do is, find tobacco which is available everywhere in these days, apply at the sucking part and the leech leaves you, or there is another thing to, find salt and apply at the sucking part of the leech it will leave you.  

Dog bite
I heard that some of my friends says that, I was walking on the street dog was barking at me and I ran away from the dog and it caught me.
Dog bite self first aid tips and tricks
The thing is never run in front of dog when it barks at you, stay still and watch if it is biting you when it is barking, never go crazy when dog barks at you and also never run away from it.

If it bites you
If dog bites you when you are alone, first run to any nearby house or any market and first ask or purchase antiseptic soap and clean the wound with the soap and later follow the doctors lead.

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