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10 Amazing And Unheard Facts About Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin is the God king of the Comedy his Pants, Hat, Stick, Dressing Style completely his body parts of Charles Chaplin made him so famous, if you watched Charles Chaplin movies there are many adventures, and unbelievable stunts brought funny crazy. He chooses his own style of living till the end of his life. His movies are still crazy out there worldwide.  

Chaplin Faces many problem in his whole life behind the screen, but most of them are wins in his life.

And here are Top facts you don’t know about Charles Chaplin.

10. Charles Chaplin and Adolf Hitler are born in the same year 1889; Chaplin is days Older that    Hitler, also he played a role of Adolf Hitler in Movie “The Great Dictator”
Charlie Chaplin and Adlof Hitler
9. He written and Directed 82 films, also he composed music and Acted in many movies as well.

8. Chaplin died at his Home while sleeping on Christmas in the year 1977.

7. Maybe it’s a Nightmare to Hear but, after his Death in 1978 His Coffin and Body was stolen from the    grave, and £400,000 was declared and demanded to return it back. After 11 weeks the culprits were arrested and reburied the Body again.
 charlie chaplin Grave

6. Chaplin Nominated For 3 Academy Awards, and Won 1 for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score in Movie Limelight.

5. Geraldine Chaplin is Charles Chaplin Daughter who appeared in the movie “Chaplin” in 1992, for the role of Chaplin’s Mother.

4. Chaplin Married 4 times and had 11 Children, Chaplin Married 18 years Old women when he was 54 years. And Chaplin last son was born at his age of 72 years.

charlie chaplin
3. He is the only First actor Appeared on the Times Magazine Feb 9, 1931.

2. Incredibly Chaplin Appeared in 35 Films, between 1914 and 1915.

1. Charlie Chaplin never became an American Citizen, due to some Suspicious of him being Communist made him to walk Switzerland for life time. But after 20 years he returned to Hollywood in 1972.  

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